About Me

Hi I’m Alaya Jovan!
Owner and Client Care Coordinator 

I worked in the banking industry for over 12 years.  However, my love for people and their quality of life especially in their senior years moved me to transition from banking to senior care-giving. 
For the past few years, I have been able to develop my skills in senior care-giving by gradually taking on challenging elderly clients. Out of appreciation and love, I am doing my part in creating a dignified and respectable environment for them to enjoy their senior years. 

I pride myself with not only being able to learn an individual’s personality and develop strategies to address their needs, but also with the ability to train my team to do the same. Together, we are the compassionate advocate while being the support for the family and care teams.

About Us

Our Heart to Yours Inc. is a collective heart – our heart connected to the heart of your loved one and with your heart. Our Caregivers are certified in Senior care-giving with focus on two main areas:

In-home Care Providing the best quality and most compassionate practical support for seniors who want to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Our clients will enjoy independence and security while being assisted with daily living activities. They are encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves while our Caregivers maintain their environment and manage their health. We also provide family support and act as a liaison with their medical teams.

Nursing Facility / Memory Care Special personalized individual companion care within the 24-hours Senior Care facility. This enables your loved one to maintain their dignity in a medical facility while receiving enriching and individualized attention. Our Caregivers will assist with personal care such as toileting, bathing and grooming making note of any changes that will need medical attention. We also assist with ambulation, socialization and providing stimulating activities to keep our client mentally and emotionally engaged. Let Our Heart to Yours, Inc. make a heart to heart connection with you and your loved one.

They cared for you, let us care for them.

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